We all wake up each day and follow a ‘beauty’ routine in order to look and feel like our best selves. Increasingly we are taking a more holistic view of our health, and our beautification rituals may now include a periodic massage and trip to the spa.

As woman we tend to spend too much time making ourselves up in the mornings just to look presentable to the world, when there are so many other resources for us to look and even feel better, with no wasted time in getting ready in the mornings. Wouldn’t we just love that extra bit of beauty sleep everyday? Just an extra 15 minutes to feel rejuventated and fresh! Every little bit of sleep is important for our overall health and beauty, not to mention the anti-aging benefits. Treatments that allow us to get up and go and feel beautiful without spending time to look that way, is every girls dream!

This is why I am offering Eyelash extentions. The fantastic thing about the eyelash extentions that I’m doing is that they are synethtic Mink lashes, they are the closest you can get to a natural looking lash. They are lightweight and do not ruin your natural lashes or stunt your lash growth. The lash extensions fall out with your natural lashes when you are shedding.

It is without a doubt that having luscious lashes makes a huge difference to the way we look! No more make up smudges or wasted time getting ready.

Benefits summed up : 

  1. Fluffy, volumous lashes– synthetic lashes attached to eyelashes individually
  2. Lashes that are not heavy on the eyelashes
  3. Lashes are soft and feel extremely natural
  4. There’s a choice between 5D and 3D lashes – your preferance, you can go as natural as you like or full of volume
  5. No mascara needed


Depending on your lash cycle, eyelashes fall out at different rates, however it is most common to come for fills every 2/3/4 weeks.

Contact Blush now to book your Eyelash Extensions!

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